Technology and design

A hair removal laser device designed with the latest technological advances

SPARTAN is designed and developed in Spain with details that make the difference.

Its Ultraslim design allows the maximum performance in the minimum space

The lightest and most compact equipment on the market

We achieved the impossible: to design the most compact diode laser for hair removal equipment on the market, without having to give up anything. That is why we reinvent each element, to make it not only extremely thin and light, but also better.

Spartan compact hair removal laser machine
spartan folding screen

Folding screen 12,1″

It allows you to adjust the angle of vision while working and transporting the equipment safely.

Noble and resistant materials

We use above all noble and resistant materials such as aluminum. An example of this are the rounded columns that give a different aesthetic, but also give support and rigidity to the hair removal Laser device, supporting the inner weight without adding extra weight.

noble materials spartan
low weight spartan applicator

Low weight and ergonomic applicator

Designed to work comfortably continuously. It adapts easily to different people, thanks to its low weight 0.5kg, its flexible cable and its ergonomic design.

Flexible applicator support and anti-impact

Made of flexible polymer, it wraps the diode protecting it from small impacts and keeping it safe during its use.

spartan anti-impact applicator stand

Technical characteristics

Laser type: Diode laser
Wavelength: 800 – 810 nm
Maximum power: 1200 W
Spot size: 10 x 10 mm
Pulse duration: 10 – 100 ms
Working frequency: Standard mode 1 – 3 Hz
Motion mode 10 Hz
Cooling system: Water
Maximum consumption: 1000 W
Supply voltage: 90 – 250 v