Frequently asked questions about SPARTAN

You get permanent results in a few sessions and with less risk of side effects for the skin.

At low power the hair weakens but is not eliminated.

With SPARTAN it is, because it has the MOTION system and a powerful cooling system that protect the skin.

The hair must be depilated in several sessions because the hair removal is effective when the hair is in the active or anagen phase, which is when the follicle is healthy and its cells have a permanent activity. In this phase the hair is born and grows stuck to the papilla.

The duration always depends on the size of the area to be treated. It is a fast treatment. It lasts about 5 minutes for the upper lip, 8 for the armpits and 35 for the whole legs for example.

Because only 20% or 30% of the hair is tractable, 4-5 sessions are usually necessary.

The treatment is practically painless with the MOTION system of SPARTAN and a tip cooled to -8ºC that allows to apply the energy in a progressive way, so that only a slight sensation of heat is felt.

Virtually all areas of the body can be treated with the exception of mucous membranes, lower part of the eyebrow because of its proximity to the eye and on tattoos.

They will be determined by the professional based on the patient’s clinical history. They are usually: photosensitizing medication, pregnancy and lactation.

Before and during treatment it is advisable not to remove the hair with wax. Do not sunbathe, use self-tanners and discolor hair the days before treatment. It is recommended to start the treatment with the hair of the area to be treated shaved and with clean skin, without makeup or deodorants.

A slight cutaneous reddening, erythema or perifoclicular edema may arise in the treated area, for a maximum of 72 hours, which is why a soothing cream with sun protection is recommended.